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You have worked very hard to get to where you are, so when a workplace injury threatens to derail your hard work you feel lost, confused, and in need of answers. FAST.

Your head is full of questions. What happens now? How will I pay my bills? Will I lose my job? What am I entitled to? Who is supposed to help me through this?

Now is the time to call a workers’ compensation lawyer. Amanda Leviner can help you come up with a plan.

What Leviner Law Firm Can Do For You

It’s important that claims are handled in a very timely manner. Filing a late claim will have lasting implications and can affect your ability to be compensated.

Don’t make the mistake of tackling this situation on your own. Workers’ compensation cases can be intense, stressful, and complicated. When you add in the complexity of recovering from an injury, it can be almost more than one person can handle.


Prepare and file your initial claim


Fight for your right to be compensated


Submit your demand letter and handle all communication with the insurance company


Appeal the decision in the event of a denied claim

why call the leviner law firm?

Not every case is the same, and each client has a unique goal in mind.
Here are a few reasons why people turn to Leviner Law Firm:


Amanda Leviner will not sugar coat your situation. She will tell it to you straight and in a way that you will understand. No complicated legal jargon included.


They work alongside you, informing you every step of the way. Just because you made the smart decision to have an attorney handle your case doesn’t mean you don’t want to be involved.

Don’t wait. Call a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. They will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation

Whether you are facing your first, third, or tenth workers’ compensation case, you understandably have questions. The good news is — we have answers! If you don’t see your question below, give Amanda Leviner a call.

Q. What does workers’ compensation cover?

A. Workers’ compensation payments cover hospital and medical expenses necessary to treat and diagnose your condition. Disability, rehabilitation, retraining, and other expenses may also be covered.

Q. Who pays workers’ compensation?

A. In most cases, you will be paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. They are required to pay you if you had to miss more than 7 days of work. If your employer has less than 4 employees, then compensation will come directly from your employer.

Q. How does workers’ compensation work?

A. When you are injured on the job or while at work, workers’ compensation covers your losses. The process includes filing paperwork to make a claim. The forms must be filled out correctly and filed on time. There is the possibility of your claim being denied, but there is an appeal process.

Q. Does workers’ compensation cover lost wages?

A. Yes. In order to receive compensation for every single day that you had to miss work, you must have needed to miss more than 14 days. If you missed less than 14, then the first 7 days you missed won’t be covered.

Q. How do you calculate a workers’ compensation settlement?

A. There are a number of factors used to determine how much your workers’ compensation claim is worth and for how long you will receive compensation. The SC legislature has laid out how many weeks a certain injury will be paid out by statute. For example, the loss of an arm is rated at 220 weeks. The amount which you will be compensated each week is calculated using a formula.

How do you claim workers’ compensation?

A. To file a claim, you need to complete the right form for your situation. An attorney can help you by determining which form fits your case, and they can fill out the paperwork for you.

How do workers’ compensation attorneys get paid?

A. In South Carolina, workers’ compensation attorneys are paid on a contingency basis. This means that they only get paid if you win your case. If you lose, you owe them nothing! Since each attorney sets their own rate, you should ask about fees at your initial consultation.

What Clients Say About Leviner Law Firm

This amazing law firm exhibits true professionalism. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the compassion shown throughout my experience with them. If I ever need an attorney again, I will absolutely call on the Leviner Law Firm. Amanda and her staff are just wonderful.


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