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We understand that your children are the most important thing to you.

And worrying about what is best for them is naturally at the forefront of your thoughts.

Whether you are going through a breakup, or having financial issues related to a past breakup, there are many questions running through your mind.

Who will pay for their clothes? Childcare? Medical expenses? And most importantly, what happens if that person doesn’t pay?

Finances are stressful enough as it is, but when you throw in legal concerns, stress levels can rise even more.

That’s what we are here for — to take on and handle these worries so you can focus on the love and affection your children deserve.

Most People Want to Know…How is Child Support Calculated?

The short answer is that the judge in your case will use tables and formulas set out by the South Carolina Department of Social Services. They are called the “Child Support Guidelines.”

Some factors used in making this determination are:

Prior support obligations

The number of children with each parent

The number of children being supported
Work-related child care expenses
The income of earning capacity of each parent
Health insurance expenses

But…In Very Limited and Rare Situations, the Court Can Deviate from the Child Support Guidelines.

Some of the factors used in making this determination are:

Private school education expenses or higher education expenses
The parents’ consumer debts
Whether the family has more than six children
Whether the child has significant income

You Want To Avoid

Child support issues can be contentious. Hopefully, you and your ex are in a place that you can get along with each other. But for many parents, this isn’t the case. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and further complicate an already uncomfortable situation.

Here are a few other common pitfalls that should be avoided:


Never supply false or misleading financial information to the court.


If you absolutely can’t make a full payment, don’t skip it entirely. Get legal advice to find out your options.


Don’t forget to keep detailed records of EVERY financial contribution made by either parent.


Don’t skip child support hearings. It is very important that you or your attorney are present.


Don’t withhold support just because you are fighting with your ex.


Avoid unrealistic expectations. Don’t compare your case to the cases of others, because many factors come into play.

People Turn To Me When

Divorce is not the only reason why you may seek the help of a child support attorney. There are many other times you may need legal advice about child support. Here are just a few examples:


You want to modify an existing child support order due to a decrease in income.


You need to establish paternity before seeking child support.


The other parent is making significantly more income than when the original order was made.


You need a temporary child support order while going through a breakup.


You haven’t been receiving child support payments.


You want to set up their child support payments with the court instead of going it alone.

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