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The DUI lawyers at the Leviner Law Firm understand that a conviction for driving under the influence will result in serious consequences for you and your family.

If you are charged with a felony DUI offense in General Sessions Court, you are looking at substantial fines, license suspension, a criminal record, loss of privileges like gun ownership and occupational licenses, and a substantial prison sentence if convicted.

Even if you are charged with the least serious DUI offense in the magistrate or municipal court, a conviction will result in substantial fines, license suspension, a criminal record, ADSAP, ignition interlock requirements, SR-22 insurance requirements, and mandatory minimum jail sentences.

It’s not hopeless, though – you may have defenses that you are unaware of and your DUI attorney at the Leviner Law Firm may be able to get your case dismissed, negotiate a rewrite of your ticket, or try your case to a jury. Our DUI defense lawyers have the experience you need to fight your charges and to help you find the best possible outcome in your case.

What a DUI Lawyer Can Do For You

SC DUI laws are complex – your DUI defense attorneys at the Leviner Law Firm know SC DUI law, the courts, and the prosecutors in the low country area, and we have a reputation for fighting for our clients.

Your DUI defense lawyer can:

  • Answer your questions about DUI law in SC,
  • Investigate your case and gather evidence to prove your innocence,
  • Request an administrative implied consent hearing to ask a court to restore your driving privileges,
  • Retain Datamaster or standardized field sobriety test (SFST) experts when needed for consultation or testimony at your trial,
  • Research the law as applied to the facts of your case and make pretrial motions to dismiss your charges or suppress key evidence in your case,
  • Prepare your case for trial and try your case to a jury when necessary, and
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to get your case dismissed or to find the best possible outcome based on your goals.

Why call The Leviner Law Firm?

  • The DUI lawyers at Leviner Law Firm will help you to understand your charges and your options in a language that you will understand – no legal jargon necessary.
  • They will include you in all decisions that are made in your case and keep you informed at all stages of your case.
  • They care about you, your family, your case and your rights. They will do everything that is legally and ethically possible to achieve the best result for you.
Don’t wait. The State is preparing your case for trial right now – you need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side who can do the same for you as soon as possible.


Common Questions About DUI Charges in SC

Whether this is your first contact with the criminal courts in SC or you’ve been down this road before, you have questions. We will answer some of the more common questions that we see below, but you should call the Leviner Law Firm as soon as possible to discuss questions that you may have that are specific to your case.

Q. Can DUI charges ever be reduced?

A. DUI charges in SC can be “reduced” in the sense that the prosecutor can reduce the breathalyzer result for purposes of sentencing, or a DUI 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or subsequent can be reduced to a DUI 1st offense.

If the charges are “reduced,” you still wind up with a DUI conviction, however.

Your charges can also be “rewritten” – the DUI ticket can be dismissed, and, as part of a plea bargain, the prosecutor can instead charge you with another traffic offense like reckless driving (or any traffic offense that fits the facts of your case).

Q. Can DUI charges be expunged?

A. Because DUI charges are considered both a criminal offense and a traffic offense in SC, they cannot be expunged. If you are convicted for DUI, it will remain on your criminal record indefinitely.

The only ways to avoid a permanent record for driving under the influence are:

  • To have your ticket dismissed,
  • To have your ticket rewritten to another traffic offense,
  • To have your ticket rewritten to reckless driving and sent to PTI (an exception that allows a traffic offense to be expunged when you complete the program), or
  • To be acquitted at trial.

Q. Are DUI charges misdemeanors or felonies?

A. Most minor DUI offenses are misdemeanors, but it could become a felony offense based on your prior convictions – for example, a fourth or subsequent DUI conviction is a felony.

There is also the offense of “felony DUI” – when a person is intoxicated, causes a traffic accident through their negligence, and another person is seriously injured or killed, that is a felony offense.

Q. Will I go to jail for a DUI conviction?

A. DUI convictions often result in jail time. Felony DUI convictions almost always result in substantial prison time, and even minor DUI offenses carry a mandatory minimum jail term although community service hours can sometimes be served instead of the jail sentence.

Q. Can I still drive to work or school after a DUI charge or conviction?

A. Maybe.

After a DUI arrest with an implied consent suspension, you can get a temporary license once you request your administrative hearing.

If you lose your administrative hearing or if you are convicted of the DUI charge, you may be able to drive with a route restricted license once you have enrolled in ADSAP or you may be able to drive once you have installed an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

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